Spartan Race New Jersey Beast/Ultra Beast - April 30/May 1, 2016

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Rockin' the Fire Jump!
New Jersey Spartan Race Beast and Ultra Beast
April 30/May 1, 2016, Mountain Creek, New Jersey

This weekend marked the first two day event of the year I served as lead photographer.  The days were long and were divided between a beautiful day on Saturday and a miserable, cold, wet, muddy day on Sunday.  This was my third visit to Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ.  It's a beautiful venue for a grueling climb up and down the mountain.  The staff did a great job this year making it one of the most challenging Spartan Race Beasts ever and for the first time, the Ultra Beast was brought to New Jersey.

Here are a handful of images from the two days.  Spartan Race Facebook has larger galleries up from each day.

Ultra Beast prize! Emerging from the "Ball Shrinker!" Testing out the new inverted ladder on the Tyrolean Traverse.

Sunday evening, as the light got low, I was able to get some fun dramatic images with a speedlight flash off to the left, especially in the dunk wall and at the fire jump:

"Emerging from the Dunk Wall" "Team JAR finishing the race over the fire jump"
Saturday, left, was a nice comfortable warm day while Sunday, right, it rained, torrential at times.
"Reaching the bell on the Tyrolean Traverse" "Muddy Barb Wire Crawl"
Sunday, I spent a good chunk of time looking for bears that were reported on the course, especially near the inverted wall.  Unfortunately, I had no luck.
"Climbing down the Inverted Wall"
This weekend I also said goodbye (for now) to my friend Dustin, who has served as a start line announcer for Spartan Race for as long as I've been shooting, and who has become one of the people I looked forward the most to seeing during our crazy adventures across the country.  Dustin, if you see this, you will be missed, but I'm proud to know you and call you a friend, and know you will be successful in anything you do. 
"Dustin rocking the mic in the festival on Saturday"

For my entire take from Saturday, check Spartan Race Facebook
and from Sunday, check Spartan Race Facebook
Here's a slideshow of some of my favorites:


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